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Story Time: How an Incredibly Odd Certified First Responder Saved My Life

Hello there, everyone! My name is Mike and I’m just your average human from Kansas. I actually look forward to reading articles listed under “personal”. It’s nice to see the thoughts of real people from both sides of the emergency medical service spectrum: the patient and the responder.

I was particularly struck by the account of the EMR who saved her mother’s life. I thought it was great how we get to see how human our EMRs are. It certainly reminded me of my own story and encounter with a very human EMR.

My family and I live in a quiet suburb. It was nothing grand but it was the nice community where everyone knew everyone else. Around 3 years ago, the house next to ours was finally sold and we were all sorts of excited to find out who moved in. The thing was, we didn’t really get to see who it was. We just saw the moving truck, the stuff getting moved, and the occasional shadow and lights in the home.

So you have to understand, from our point of view, it was just weird. One day, I got to see the new neighbor. She was around forty and she always lugged around this giant bag. It seriously looked like she had half her house in that thing.

Rumors started going around about her and her giant bag. Kids said she kept dead bodies in it. Adults said she was a drug runner. But I just thought maybe it’s her comfort sack. So fast forward to the little town barbecue. I was in charge of the grill and everyone was having a grand old time. I’m not quite sure what happened but the next thing I knew was this burning sensation on my face.

res1 - Story Time: How an Incredibly Odd Certified First Responder Saved My Life

I had somehow passed out right unto the grill! I wasn’t on the grill long but it was certainly hot enough to burn me. I don’t remember much about it but my wife says that the moment someone realized I fell, they spotted the odd neighbor with the giant bag sprinting from her table to where I was. My wife says the odd neighbor turned out to be a certified first responder! The bag she was carrying was pretty much an ambulance in itself.

She gave me proper first aid then and there. It helped minimize the extent of the 2nd degree burns I got in some areas. My doctor at the hospital also said it was good my neighbor was there to help. While I lost my eyebrows for a while, I’m just glad I still have my face.

You really never know who’s going to play a big role in your life. My odd certified first responder will forever endure in the hearts of my loved ones. I’m certainly thankful for the odd lady with her giant bag. In case you’re wondering, her name is Loretta and she’s now a great family friend of ours! Thank goodness for my odd EMR neighbor!