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MEMBERS Vehicles

 Dawson Blackmore - 1957 DeSoto Firesweep "Memphian" Ambulance (Memphian Website)

 Dawson Blackmore/Stephen Povroznik/James Collett /EMS Educational Foundation - 1918 Model-T Ambulance

 Dawson Blackmore/Stephen Povroznik/James Collett - 1924 Model-T Chemical Tank Firetruck

 George Ambrisco - Mack

 George Ambrisco - Chevrolet Rescue

  Ron Butz - Mack

  Ron Butz - Mack made up for Christmas

 Howie Capetta - Seagrave

 Adam Dworkin - 1949 Chevrolet Maxim Pumper 'Mighty Moose' (Dworkin Fire Department link)

 Madelyn Flader -1972 Maxim F-Model

 Ray Flader - 1965 Maxim "S" Model

 Ray Flader - 1970 Maxim WHITE "S" Model (City of New Haven)

 Paul Haluschak Jr. - 1961 Maxim (First WHITE 'S' Model Manufactured by company)

 Paul Haluschak Jr. - 1935 Maxim Pumper

 Don Holden - 1969 Mack CF

 Don Holden - 1963 Mack C-85 Pumper

 Mike Kelleher - Mack CF

 Mike Kelleher's - Seagrave Engine

 Mike Kelleher - Seagrave Ladder

 Chef & Kevin Krusewski- Ford

 Kevin Krusewski - 1975 Dodge Powerwagon Mini Pumper

 Jim Lash - 1973 Seagrave

 John Mayo - Dodge

 Marshall Sanford - Mack CF

 Old Birmingham - Hahn (Owned by 12 individuals in Derby)

 Engine 260 - 1973 Hahn (Donated by Bethany Vol. FD)

 John & Joan Kuzminski - 1971_Maxim_Snorkel

 John & Joan Kuzminski - 1973_Maxim_Ladder

 John & Joan Kuzminski - 1974_Maxim_Pumper

John & Joan Kuzminski - 1977_Mack_Pumper
 William T. Fitzgerald - 1951 American LaFrance Ladder (The TRUCKMEN - Wiliam Fitzgerald / Geroge Mulligan / Paul Wormsley






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