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Lost in the Wilderness: Surviving a Medical Emergency in the Wild

Hey, guys! I’m Dan. I’m 43 and I’m an avid reader of this publication. I really find myself connecting to the personal stories shared here. I particularly enjoyed Mike’s story! While I’m afraid my tale may not be as humorous, it certainly was exciting enough for me!

It all started when my buddy Joe got my brain tickled about going on a hike. He said that I never really was the outdoor type and of course, I wasn’t going to let him be right. Truth was, I’ve always wanted to go hiking and whatnot but I enjoyed the indoors way too much. So he and I agreed to go hiking a wilderness trail several states away. It was a pretty grand place, if I do say so myself.

I was starting to feel pretty proud. I wasn’t out of breath at all and I was keeping up with Joe pretty well. The trail was pretty and I brought along my camera to take several snaps. I was having a great time and I managed to catch some sweet shots. Things went sour when I realized that I had fallen behind the group we were with.

I swear they were all just gone!

So I figured that I’d walk my way back. I mean, how hard would it be to follow a nature path? Well, you guessed it. I got myself royally lost. The day was hot and there wasn’t much shade. As far as I could see, there were just more and more canyons. I thought maybe I just need to find a shady spot and cool down with some water. That was when I realized that Joe had my canteen. Earlier, I had whined that I wouldn’t be able to take both my camera and my canteen of water.

emg - Lost in the Wilderness: Surviving a Medical Emergency in the Wild

In my search to find shade, I just got myself even more lost. I wanted to call out but I was so tired, my vision was swimming, and I could have probably drunken thrice my weight in water. I tried to remember what the hike master said but I couldn’t really remember anything.

All I knew was suffering. When you’re in the wilderness you really start to think about everything you take for granted. This goes double when you’re in the middle of a medical emergency. It didn’t take a genius to realize that I was weak because I was dehydrated and exhausted. There was also the very real danger of heat stroke.

I know this because that’s what my doctor told me after I woke up. They said the hike’s first responders found me passed out and around 10 minutes away from the actual trail back to base camp. So you can imagine how silly I felt but I’m okay and that is what is truly important. If you ever get lost, don’t wander around like I did. Let the first responders find you and they can’t do that if you’re walking around. Don’t forget to bring a canteen!