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The Stork Cometh: You Never Really Know What You’ll See on a Job

Hi! My name is Jane and I’m an Emergency Medical Response personnel from August, Georgia! I have to agree with Dan on the fact that I’m really enjoying the personal stories on Emergency Medical Services! I enjoy them so much that I got inspired to share my own tale.

I think it would be my most memorable night on the job as an EMR. I had just started out six months previously and I was getting into the groove being an emergency responder. My partner and I got a call to a residence where an adult was unresponsive. It seemed like another night on the job so it wasn’t anything that was frazzling.

We got to the scene were the man’s pregnant wife ushered us in and exclaimed that her husband was unresponsive. We immediately assessed the situation and noted that the man was merely deep asleep and not really the viable recipient of medical assistance. He seemed pretty alarmed when he suddenly woke up to find two EMRs in his home.


t1 - The Stork Cometh: You Never Really Know What You’ll See on a JobEveryone relaxed and we had a good laugh. Then an audible gasp from the wife was heard. We all turned to her and she said her water had broken! I always thought that being an EMR was going to an exciting job. Although, I think I bit off more than I could chew when Mr. Stork decided to deliver something ahead of schedule!

My partner and I immediately sprung into action. I made sure she was comfortable while my partner called in an ambulance. I was thanking all my lucky stars that I took a bit of class on being a doula aside from my EMR courses. My goal at the time was to keep her as calm as possible. I figured that since this was her first child, the delivery would still be a bit of a ways off and we’ll be able to bring them to the hospital.

That baby had other plans though! Before I knew it, the lady was bearing down and pushing! The ambulance was on its way but this baby was coming fast. My partner was just as shaky on his feet as the father of the child was. The missus was tough and she powered through the pain. That was probably the fastest delivery I had ever seen.

Their healthy baby boy popped out just as soon as the ambulance arrived. EMT finally showed up and got an IV into the mother stat! Mother and child were both fine. Dad, on the other hand, wasn’t quite sure what was happening. To be honest, I wasn’t even sure what had happened.

I’m just thankful that I had enough experience at the time to truly support a mother in her time of need. I love my job. Since that night, I have never doubted my love for this job. So you never really know what you can come across as an Emergency Medical Responder. But I wouldn’t miss any of it at all!a