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Playground Safety: What You Need In Your First Aid Kit

Children need to play. However, no matter how well the preventive measures go, accidents happen. As such, it’s important to have a First Aid Kit ready.

What is a First Aid Kit?

It is an assortment of medical supplies and equipment on standby. The bag or case where the medical supplies are kept must be clearly marked and highly visible. There are medical kits that are sold in hospitals that come in bright blue or vivid red containers. These make them easy to spot.

first1 - Playground Safety: What You Need In Your First Aid Kit

It is understandable that most people cannot purchase an actual medical kit as there might be some concern regarding cost. A slapdash first aid kit can be made too. If you’re caring for children, it is important to have the most basic of the first aid kit in your possession.

What should be in a First Aid Kit?

As we’re discussing playground safety, we have registered Nurse Sam, who works at a Children’s Hospital, to share some tips with us.

“When dealing with children, it’s important that your kit be armed with plasters or adhesive bandages. As a distracting measure, we try to stock brightly colored plasters or those that come in various designs.”

We asked why this would help and Nurse Sam had this to say: “Kids are very receptive to suggestion. So if you tell them that their boo-boo won’t hurt as much because of a “Princess” or “Hero” plaster, they’ll believe you. The last thing you want is a crying and panicking child when you’re trying to administer first aid.”

first2 - Playground Safety: What You Need In Your First Aid Kit

What else should be in the kit?

Nurse Sam suggests that disposable sterile gloves are a must. When dealing with a cut or a scrape, it is crucial to get the area as clean as possible. Ensuring that the hands of whoever is administering first aid are clean and gloved, is a step in the right direction. In that light, having antiseptic washes in your first aid kit for kids is a must.

Sterile gauze dressings of various sizes are a must as well. Kids play around so a splinter or two will be expected. Having tweezers in your kit would be helpful.

“It would be prudent to be prepared for any bites, stings or allergies.” says Nurse Sam. With this in mind, it would be smart for guardians to know beforehand any sort of allergies that the children they’re caring for must have.