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Throw Us a Bone: What EMRs Need To Know From You

Being an emergency medical responder is not easy. Neither is it easy to have to respond to an emergency and no one is able to tell you any information. Knowing additional information can truly mean the difference between saving someone and having them slip through our fingers. Today, we discuss some

Playground Safety: What You Need In Your First Aid Kit

Children need to play. However, no matter how well the preventive measures go, accidents happen. As such, it's important to have a First Aid Kit ready. What is a First Aid Kit? It is an assortment of medical supplies and equipment on standby. The bag or case where the medical supplies

Stories from the Field: Surviving Super Typhoon Yolanda

It seemed that God had turned his back on us that month. To anyone else it would just be another November. To me, it was the month Typhoon Yolanda came. My family and I were vacationing in Cebu. We were from a different part of Visayas and we were visiting some

What exactly is First Aid?

Accidents can happen any in time. When it does, it’s good to know lifesaving methods to act swiftly. At such times, knowing first aid is very crucial. Time is often not your friend when it comes to emergencies. Think back to when you were a childhood accident. When you scraped your

What is an Emergency Medical Responder?

Saving lives is no easy task. It’s not even something that most people try to do. Yet there are special individuals that make it their life’s mission to be there when others need it the most. You’ve probably seen them. They’re first to respond in any medical emergency. They can