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Our mission at Emergency Medical Services is to provide a space for EMS professionals and aspiring EMS technicians to discuss their experiences and share their knowledge. Saving lives is a calling not many are willing to answer. So it is best to give those who do answer the call a safe and trusted space to share their know-how and hands-on experiences.

Our articles are dedicated to provide a wealth of knowledge toward those who are aiming to become an EMS technician. We also tap into the insight that you get by being in the field. Several of our contributors are EMS professionals that have seen incidents in various corners of the globe.

It is our goal to collate these stories, anecdotes, events and observations and provide a refuge for posterity.  Knowledge is an ever evolving thing and the more knowledge we have about best practices in emergency situations, the more lives we can save in the long run.

Emergency Medical Services aims to connect individuals in the hopes that we further refine and develop the methods of dealing with emergencies.

Feel free to peruse our blog articles that are wholly committed to providing such information to our budding emergency responders.