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What exactly is First Aid?

Accidents can happen any in time. When it does, it’s good to know lifesaving methods to act swiftly. At such times, knowing first aid is very crucial. Time is often not your friend when it comes to emergencies.

Think back to when you were a childhood accident. When you scraped your knee or bumped your head, what was done right away? Assuming you or someone else called an adult who knew first aid, you would have been treated immediately. Scrapes were cleansed, disinfected, and you probably got an adhesive bandage placed on you. When you were a kid, the more colorful it is the better. Bumps were cooled with ice packs. You may not have realized it back then but these were carefully administered first aid.

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What is meant by First Aid?

If you want to get technical about it, the definition of first aid is any form of assistance given to anyone suffering an illness or injury. The goals of first aid are direct and simple. These are to preserve life, prevent further harm, and promote recovery.

Now that you are in the realm of adults and first aid can often mean critical harm or imminent recovery, it’s important to understand its basic principles.

Where can you learn First Aid?

Most schools have basic first aid training but for the more advanced medical aid, formal training and instruction is required. It would be folly to assume that first aid methods do not change. In light of this, when one is suitable certified for first aid, it is necessary to undergo refresher courses.

When you’re trying to stave off further harm, updating your lifesaving skills is a must. Courses in First Aid are often available through organizations such as Red Cross. Most hospitals also offer courses for interested parties.

Are there different First Aid Disciplines?

Yes, there are. Demanding on the situation and location, the type of first aid applied will vary. There will usually be additional training required for specialized first aid like those in battlefield conditions or wilderness first aid.

As society is growing further into its understanding of mental illness, there are now specialized methods in place for mental health first aid.

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What other conditions can require the need for first aid?

Anaphylaxis is often a life-threatening condition that requires immediate first aid. This occurs when a severe allergic reaction which those with sting or peanut allergies experience.

Bone fractures and burns are conditions that need first aid care as well. We’re certain that you’re familiar with the concept of choking. The Heimlich maneuver, a popular move, is actually a first aid method. So you only need to think about it to fully realize that first aid may be applied for pretty much everyday occurrences.

If you ever want to be truly helpful to your fellow man, knowing the basics of First Aid can often mean the difference between a severe injury and eventual recovery. Be aware of any classes available in your area and sign up!