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Throw Us a Bone: What EMRs Need To Know From You

Being an emergency medical responder is not easy. Neither is it easy to have to respond to an emergency and no one is able to tell you any information. Knowing additional information can truly mean the difference between saving someone and having them slip through our fingers.

Today, we discuss some thoughts gathered from our readers who are in the EMR field.

“I hope they realize panicking helps no one.” – Lloyd, 43

A frustration that I’ve had through my career as an Emergency Medical Responder is that when I get to the scene, no one is coherent enough to provide additional details about the patient. I’m not talking about car accidents where shock is the norm. I’ve come across instances where someone has fainted and people are too busy panicking to really give a coherent accounting of what happened.

It’s a scary time. We get it. But people really need to realize that panicking helps no one.

“Lying is about the worst thing you can do.” – Tara, 32

As an EMR, I’ve come across several events of an overdose. My job isn’t to judge you. I’m here to do the best of my ability to make sure you’re all okay. If you take anything you’re not supposed to, I need to know because when certain compounds mix together, it’s a deadly cocktail.

There is only so much training we can do to sufficiently identify what someone has taken. Lying is really just about the worst thing you can do.

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“Yes, I know you’ve read it on the internet.” – Phil, 29

It can be extremely trying at times to be graceful in the face of utter lunacy. I’m just there trying to do my job and administer some basic first aid. Then here comes a helicopter relative hovering over my shoulder. Somehow, whatever it is I’m doing is incorrect because “they read it on the internet” that it’s done a certain way.

Sir, I understand that information is available. Just please let me do my job.

“You’re welcome, by the way.” – Jessica, 37

Can I say how nice it is to be able to hear grumblings from fellow EMRs? I now realize I’m not alone. So anyway, I had to respond to a call of an unresponsive adult in a residence. The call was made by his adult children. None of them bothered to unlock the door. None of them were responding to our yells but we could hear them wailing inside. So my partner and I had to force our way into the home.

We found the patient on the floor, almost blue, because he was choking on something he ate. We saved the patient and it was a good thing, right? Well, we were sued because we broke the lock on the door and left a bruise on the person we saved. So, you’re welcome by the way.

EMRs need you to know that they understand how you feel and they’ll help you to the best that they can.